Singing Lessons:

LMS will endeavor to make your lessons right for you. We will review your musical goals every 12 weeks to make sure you are getting the most from your lessons. We offer a variety of options including:

  • lesson content
  • style/genre
  • exams or playing for fun
  • number of pupils
  • frequency of lessons. 
LMS will be happy to make changes to any of the above areas to ensure you get maximum benefit and fun from each session.


LMS singing lessons will be taught in a dedicated music room/studio and has a Zimmermann upright piano that can be used to accompany songs. Alternatively, you can use backing tracks or learn how to sing A Capella (with no other instruments playing) or a combination of different techniques.

There is a waiting area for accompanying adults which you are more than welcome to use.

We also have the privilege to have access to professional recording equipment which will allow you to have the option - at an additional cost- to make a CD of the music you have made. 

Vocal Health

LMS knows and understands the importance of vocal health and will ensure each student goes away from each lesson equipped with essential warm-ups and supportive vocal techniques required for rehearsing safely.


Getting to Know YOU

The first session will be entirely based around you. LMS wants to know what you like to do, watch, play and listen to, what you want to gain from the lessons and what (if any) musical goals you have. That way we will be able to put together a personalised plan for your lessons. Some things that you could consider include:

Genres and Styles:

The genres and styles of music you like to listen to and that you might like to learn how to sing

  • Jazz and Blues
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Musical Theatre
  • Classical
If there is another area of music that you would like to explore then please let us know and we will source suitable pieces for you to try.

Musical Aims and Goals:

What do you want to achieve from having these lessons? It is useful to have in mind some aims and goals that you can work towards.

Perhaps you would like to:

  • work towards grade exams
  • sing for fun
  • learn your favorite songs
  • learn to develop your own style
  • learn how to improvise 
Whether you want to sing to work towards grade exams or wow your friends and family with familiar songs, or you simply just want to sing for your own pleasure and enjoyment then LMS can tailor your lesson to suit you.

Books and resources will be an additional cost but will be worth it- I can suggest the books needed and good sites/shops to go to.