Music Grade Exams

Although music grade exams are not a compulsory part of our music lesson, we will fully support and tutor any pupil who wants to undertake them. For several years now, the A Level points system for University application- UCAS- has recognised musical achievement in the form of practical and theory grades. If you manage to reach grade 6 and above on your chosen instrument you can earn UCAS points for your hard work. The table below outlines the amount of UCAS points you could earn from taking ABRSM music exams.

There are various exam boards on offer to choose from and they are by no means are they limited to classical music. The main exam boards are:

Please click on the links above to browse the websites. This will give you more information about what each exam board has to offer. If you would like to discuss options further then your LMS tutor will be happy to do so at your convenience. 

Books and resources will be an additional cost but will be worth it- I can suggest the books needed and good sites/shops to go to 

Academic Music Support

LMS is pleased to be able to offer tutors with working knowledge and expertise of academic music qualifications, such as GCSE Music, A Level Music and A Level Music Technology. With a range of teaching experience of different examination boards, private tutoring contracts and working knowledge of what examiners are looking for, LMS is confident that we can provide expert support for all exam boards that offer music as an academic qualification. If you need assistance with performance, composition, listening and appraising, or any other part of your coursework and exam requirements, we will be able to guide you through. Specifically, LMS offers tuition and support for:

  • GCSE Music
  • A Level Music
  • A Level Music Technology
  • University Degree Courses - Music related subjects only.

If you need help and advice applying for a course or degree or are struggling to choose the right course for you then LMS can offer help and guidance in this area. 

Fees for the above services are outlined on our Prices page.